Planning & Design

Our specialists in technology. With your specialization in solar systems, design and commissioning, you develop our PV solar plants.

When it comes to designing and commissioning the large-scale solar parks of Enerparc AC, that is where our engineers turn up. They handle the development and design of our technical processes. As experts in the development, planning and implementation of plants, their individual fields of speciality come together like clockwork. 

Our system engineers, for example, select the particular solar components and test appropriate modules so that a concept can be developed for the best possible performance. Our planning engineers then take this and implement it at the particular site. They take the individual components and combine them so that the facility performs well. To connect the developed systems to the grid, our commissioning engineers e.g. coordinate the power line, communicate with grid operators and check all of the requirements that have to be met on the technical side. 

Our engineers come from a very wide range of fields, such as electrical engineering or building professions. What is indispensable is a keen interest in renewable energies, the ability to work on a team, technical skill and being proactive in your work.

  • Planning, system & commissioning engineers
  • Designing & commissioning of large-scale solar parks
  • Selection of solar components & modules
  • Keen interest in renewable energies