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Managing international solar projects. Customised and comprehensive.

Whether it's turnkey solutions as a general contractor or in the role of service provider for special sub-sectors, to date we have successfully brought to market over 4,100 megawatts of photovoltaic output, with more than 3,000 megawatts in Enerparc AG’s own inventory. We manage over 600 projects globally in more than 25 countries. We operate regionally in Germany as well as internationally in other European countries and on different continents, e.g. Asia. What all projects have in common is that, with our highly qualified specialists, you always have a competent professional at your side to plan, supervise and implement your individual solar project. Below is a detailed selection of our projects.

Enerparc an overview

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Son Salomo, Spain

Solar power plant in Son Salomo, Spain

ENERPARC has built the largest photovoltaic plant in Menorca in the municipality of Ciutadella, with a total capacity of 52 MWp. The solar park was installed on an area of 65 hectares and is part of our own stock. EPC, financing, operation and maintenance are provided by ENERPARC AG. 

  • 52 MWp open-air photovoltaic plant
  • In operation since 2023
  • EPC and operation and maintenance by ENERPARC AG
  • Sheep grazing

Marville, France

Solar power station in Marville, France

Together with another French developer, Enerparc has built France's second largest photovoltaic plant in Marville in 2021 with a total capacity of 152 MWp on a former NATO airport, which is still actively used for recreational flights. 75 MWp of the solar plant is owned by Enerparc, which is also responsible for their O&M. In addition, it allows a shepherd to graze his 700-800 sheep on the entire area.

  • 75 MWp ground-mounted PV plant
  • Completed in the fall of 2021
  • Built and operated by Enerparc AG 
  • Sheep grazing

Gaarz, Germany

Solar power station in Gaarz, Germany

Enerparc has not only constructed the company-owned photovoltaic system in Gaarz (near Plau am See) but is also responsible for the operation and maintenance. The solar park operates with 90 MWp on an area of around 91 hectares. Around 80 GWh per year are defined in a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Deutsche Bahn. Our subsidiary Sunnic is responsible for the delivery of the green electricity to Deutsche Bahn.

  • 90 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • Completed in March 2021
  • Built and operated by Enerparc AG 
  • PPA with Deutsche Bahn

Walddrehna, Germany

Solar power station in Walddrehna, Germany

The 52 MWp ground-mounted PV station was installed on a former military base in the district Dahme-Spreewald in Brandenburg. It is part of Enerparc AG's own portfolio and was planned and implemented by our specialists and on top is operated by Enerparc. The plant was commissioned in June 2012 after two construction segments with a total construction time of 16 weeks.

  • 52 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • Planned, built, and operated by Enerparc AG for its own energy capacity
  • 16-week construction period 
  • Completed in June 2012

Heideblick, Germany

Solar power station in Heideblick, Germany

The 27.5 MWp ground-mounted PV station was installed on a former military base in the Lower Spreewald in Brandenburg. The station was completed and commissioned in August 2012.

  • 27.5 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • EPC, O&M, and financing by Enerparc
  • 14-week construction period
  • Completed in August 2012

Neuhardenberg, Germany

Solar power station Neuhardenberg, Germany

The 145 MWp ground-mounted PV station was installed on the 240 hectares of a former military site in Brandenburg. 80 MWp of the station is part of our internal capacity, and the EPC, O&M and financing were handled by Enerparc AG. After a construction phase of six weeks, the plant was active in fall 2012. 

  • 145 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • EPC, O&M, and financing by Enerparc 
  • 6-week construction period
  • Completed in September 2012

Middenmeer, Netherlands

Floating solar power station in Middenmeer, Netherlands

The photovoltaic plant in Middenmeer is Enerparc's first floating PV plant with a capacity of 2.5 MWp and was both built and invested by us. We are also responsible for O&M there. It was completed in April 2020.

  • 2.5 MWp floating PV plant
  • Completed in April 2020
  • EPC, O&M and IPP Enerparc AG
  • Construction time approx. 3 months

Coltishall, England

Solar power plant Coltishall, England

The 34 MWp ground-mounted PV station was installed on 50 acres of a former military site in the Norwich region. For this project we handled the EPC and the O&M. It was completed in March 2015 after a construction period of just six weeks.

  • 34 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • EPC and O&M by Enerparc AG
  • 6-week construction period
  • Completed in March 2015

Chernobyl, Ukraine

1 MW pilot solar power plant Chernobyl

The 1 MW pilot solar power plant Chernobyl was built in 2018 on the site of the nuclear power plant in Prypjat. As a joint Ukrainian-German project of the companies Rodina Energy Group (Ukraine) and Enerparc AG (Germany), this facility was installed in under a month right next to the "sarcophagus".

  • 1 MWp ground-mounted PV facility
  • Completed in June 2018
  • EPC, O&M, IPP by Enerparc & Rodina
  • 1-month construction period

Amman, Jordan

JUST University solar power plant near Amman, Jordan

A 5 MWp ground-mounted photovoltaic facility, about 30 miles north of Amman. Our specialists at Enerparc AG handled the project development, EPC and O&M together with our local partner Mustakbal. It was completed in March 2017.

  • 5 MWp ground-mounted PV station
  • EPC, O&M by Enerparc & Mustakbal
  • Completed in March 2017
  • 3-months construction period

Saran, Kazakhstan

Solar power plant in Saran, Kazakhstan

The 100 MWp ground-mounted PV plant was installed on a 125-ha site located southeast of Astana in Kazakhstan. On this project we acted as EPC provider. The project was completed in December 2018 after a construction phase of just seven months.

  • 100 MWp ground-mounted PV facility
  • Completed in December 2018
  • EPC by Enerparc & Rodina
  • 7-months construction time

Trundle & Peak Hill, Australia

Solar power plant in Trundle & Peak Hill, Australia

These two tracking PV facilities each with a capacity of 5 MW are located 400 km west of Sydney. ENERPARC developed this project itself and is acting as EPC provider and investor. The grid connection was made in summer 2021.

  • 2 x 5 MW tracker facilities
  • Completion in summer 2021
  • EPC provider & investor Enerparc
  • Construction time: 4 months

Projects at a glance

As internationally oriented company we realise various solar projects around the world.

Since 2008, we have added over 550 solar power stations to the network in Germany, ranging in scale from 100 kilowatts to 100 megawatts. With over 3,500 megawatts of installed capacity in Germany, we are thus the leading industrial service provider for the planning and construction of photovoltaic power stations. These include large power stations at airports, commercial ground-mounted stations, and solar power plants on industrial roofs.

Noteworthy is the 80-megawatt station at the airport Neuhardenberg, which was planned and built in less than 9 weeks.

Since 2010, we have been developing, planning, and operating solar power stations together with our local partners in France and have had an office in Bordeaux since 2019. In doing so, we have built over 10 solar parks, of which over 117 megawatts of these solar parks are part of the capacity of Enerparc AG and are operated by us.

This includes in particular two parks: A remote 3-megawatt solar park in the Alps in the Mercantour region at an elevation of over 1,000 metres, and the second largest solar power plant in France with a capacity of 152 MW, located in Marville which has been developed in collaboration with another French developer on a former NATO airport

Enerparc has been active in Spain since early on and has had a separate office in Madrid since 2016. The primary focus is on the development and execution of its own projects on the Iberian Peninsula to increase Enerparc AG's own capacity.

Noteworthy are the first completed projects in Andalusia, with a size of 12 and 10 megawatts, as well as the construction of ten internally developed projects with a total capacity of 80 megawatts on the island of Mallorca. 

Since 2018, Enerparc has been active in the Dutch PV market with the focus on developing, constructing and operating large-scale PV plants. We teamed up with the local developer BHM Solar to combine their knowledge of the local community and environment with our technical and financial competences. We are currently developing several projects at different locations using different technologies. 

One of our first projects in the Netherlands deserves special mention: a floating 2.5 MWp PV project located in Middenmeer, North Holland. This floating PV project is currently the largest of its kind in the province of North Holland and a good example of the double surface use in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

The first large photovoltaics stations built by Enerparc were in 2009 and a few of them included greenhouses in Sardinia in addition to the traditional ground mounted systems. We have managed solar parks in Italy with over 100 megawatts overall – from planning to turnkey construction. 

Noteworthy are the roof units on greenhouses in Sardinia with over 9 megawatts per unit. In these projects, solar modules with special custom-made products were integrated into the classical greenhouses. Along with traditional construction, Enerparc AG also introduced a range of engineering services.

As EPC service provider, Enerparc AG was already gaining experience at an early stage and built the first stations in 2011. Our service includes turnkey construction of photovoltaic power stations up to the final connection to the network. We are among the market leaders in this interesting market and have already completed four projects.

Noteworthy is the one-megawatt-large photovoltaic ground-mounted plant in Zagroby Zakrzewo, which was commissioned in June 2015.

In England, we handle the entire spectrum from planning to turnkey construction of photovoltaic power stations. Together with our customers and partners, numerous stations were already implemented, including the execution design for a project in Cornwall, turnkey stations at airports and on ground mounted systems.

A noteworthy example is a solar power station with a capacity of 51 megawatts. The photovoltaic plant in Coltishall by Norwich was planned, built and commissioned by us as general contractor in less than 12 weeks.

In Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania, we have been implementing initial services and building photovoltaics solar stations starting in 2010. The services include the turnkey construction of photovoltaic power stations as well as project development and evaluation for international investors. Eight projects have been completed to date with a total capacity of 50 megawatts.

Noteworthy are three projects in the Czech Republic with a German SME, in which we handled the complete planning, implementation and operation.

With multiple large photovoltaic power stations with a total capacity of nearly 400 megawatts in Ukraine, which were built in close cooperation with our local partner RODINA, we are among the largest EPC service providers in this region.

Noteworthy are EPCM-services for projects in Odessa and Crimea for a local investor that assumed the role of general contractor. A pilot plant with 1 MW was completed in Chernobyl directly at the sarcophagus at the end of 2017 and will be the basis for future expansion.

In Kazakhstan, Enerparc has realized and built approx. 150 MWp with our partner Rodina since 2017. The services include the turnkey construction of the PV power stations as well as project development and evaluation for international investors. 

Noteworthy are two projects: Burnoje and Saran. We completed the 100 MWp ground-mounted PV system in Saran in December 2018 as EPC provider after a construction time of only seven months. 

With local partners in project execution and in medium-voltage construction, we planned and constructed the first solar power stations as early as 2012. Our service extends from technical studies for decision-making to planning services prior to project start to turnkey construction of photovoltaic power stations along with the required quality assurance during the construction phase. 

Noteworthy is a project portfolio with over 100 megawatts distributed among six stations that was planned for an industrial customer together with our partner OZ Energy and built with local partners.

Working together with Mustakbhal, a local partner from Amman, the first photovoltaic stations in the megawatt segment were built in Jordan, from ground-mounted photovoltaic systems to large tracking power plants.

Particularly significant projects are a 5-megawatt solar power station at a university on the border to Syria and a 2-megawatt plant for a UN refugee camp.

We have been active in India since late 2012 and have offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. During this time, a variety of photovoltaic power stations have been built, including megawatt free-area systems at the international Airport in Delhi and Hyderabad and roof panels in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We are developing projects for our own portfolio and are working in this market with local and international investors and banks.

Enerparc has been active with its own team in Australia since 2015 and has an office in Sydney. The team is developing projects for its own capacity and is working together with local and international partners. Projects in the two-figure megawatt area are under construction and other large projects are at different stages of development.