Our customers

Well-advised. Invest in clean energy for a handsome return.

Photovoltaics is a reliable and sustainable option for generating clean energy. But energy from the sun also means a worthwhile, future-secure investment – for us and for our national as well as international customers. At Enerparc these include investors, investment funds, financial institutions, commercial operators, energy suppliers, and landowners. We know from experience: An investment in renewable energies can have different motivations – that is why we develop tailored services for you. With our diversified, flexible spectrum we offer individual solutions for the successful implementation of your solar power project.


Whether you are in agriculture, industrial works or large estate ownership: We will help you to convert your properties sustainably and profitably. Our focus is always on creating added value for our project partners and for the entire region. As a result, you are not only promoting climate and species conservation, but local value creation as well. At the same time, you are helping to create a positive image for your region with this sustainably clean and forward-looking form of energy generation.

Commercial operator

For commercial plant operators, self-generated solar energy is attractive on two levels. First, a company-owned solar power system is an attractive supplementary source of income – all the more given that companies with unused roof space and other free space have locations that are naturally suited for the installation of a photovoltaic system. Secondly, commercial systems promote a positive image of the company, thereby boosting the public perception of the company. We assume the function of technical adviser or project manager, who coordinates all the construction groups as contact person and documents project progress. 

Energy customer

With our wholly owned subsidiary, Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH, we offer a complete energy trading service around the solar power station. As an energy trading company our expertise lies in the direct marketing of energy generated both from our own solar parks and from other renewable energy facilities. We offer direct market access to the energy exchanges and we additionally have access to various over-the-counter trading platforms. Here we assist our customers in coordinating trading agreements and in processing transactions.

Financial institutions

We provide you as a financial institution with maximum security for the investments of your customers. In our role as technical consultant we have developed years of expertise in the field of solar power. We provide a reliable basis for decision-making with our independent advice and the production or assessment of feasibility studies and site investigations, and with our in-depth profitability analyses and technical due diligence reports. Our monitoring of individual processes during ongoing work reduces risks to a minimum and thus provides the basis for successful projects and secure financing.


As a private investor you will find in us a solar power specialist that, with its professional expertise and personal commitment and enthusiasm, ensures that your photovoltaics project is a secure and worthwhile investment. In addition to our engineers and project managers, our service partners on site are also available to ensure the fault-free operation of the systems and to provide rapid help when necessary. We also rely on a trusted network of experts in all service areas.

Investment funds

Enerparc enables investment funds to expand their solar portfolio independently of initiators, manufacturers, and suppliers. We acquire and develop environmentally sound sites suitable for solar power projects and carry out the preliminary planning regarding technical and commercial aspects as well as monitor ongoing work. As the general contractor, we provide the security of an expert and reliable partner so that our customers can concentrate on their core business.