12.04.2023 – ENERPARC announces commissioning of its first photovoltaic storage project

Hamburg-based photovoltaic developer ENERPARC AG has connected its first hybrid project, consisting of a photovoltaic system and battery storage, to the grid in Büttel, Schleswig-Holstein. The project had been awarded a contract in the innovation tender round of the Federal Network Agency in September 2020.

As one of the largest German and European solar park developers, ENERPARC has already successfully connected a portfolio of more than 600 solar plants with an output of over 4,100 megawatts to the grid – 3,000 megawatts of which are from its own solar power plants which are to expanded to 10 gigawatts by 2030. Now follows another milestone in the company's history: The first large-scale battery storage system.

The battery installed in the 35-megawatt Büttel solar park has a capacity of 8 megawatt-hours and can be charged and discharged with over 12 megawatts. The battery system itself is installed in six 40-foot containers and is one of the largest batteries installed in combination with a ground-mounted solar plant in Germany. The capacity of the battery thus corresponds roughly to the same consumption that a family of four would need over two years. 

"This scalable hybrid project underlines our position as an innovation leader in the ground-mounted solar sector. We are making it possible for the large-scale storage facility, together with the solar park, to be a central part for tomorrow's energy markets. For institutional investors, too, such storage projects are the most effective way to become CO2-neutral. We are therefore also looking forward to soon being able to connect three further PV storage systems to the grid," says Christoph Koeppen, CEO and chairman of the board of ENERPARC AG.

The advantage of a large-scale storage battery is that it can absorb yield peaks at midday and release them in the late evening or early morning hours. In this way, it enables a more even feed-in throughout the day and thus helps to relieve the strain on the grid. However, this is not only an interesting aspect for grid operators, but also for large-scale industries and other power purchase agreement customers. For example, ENERPARC already reported on a power purchase agreement (PPA) concluded for this hybrid plant in Büttel in April 2022. The PPA was concluded with Axpo Germany and includes a baseload band to the buyer. ENERPARC's trading subsidiary Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH is responsible for structuring the volatile feed-in.

Further information on the Axpo PPA and the baseload band can be found here: 11.04.2022 - PPA between ENERPARC and Axpo - ENERPARC AG

Hamburg, 12.04.2023

Headquartered in Hamburg, ENERPARC is a leading utility-scale photovoltaic company that covers the entire value chain. The services range from development over design, procurement and construction to operations and maintenance as well as asset management and energy trading. Founded in 2008, ENERPARC has become a global player with 400+ experienced employees and licensed partners in Spain, France, India, and Australia. ENERPARC has successfully commissioned projects with an overall capacity of 4,100 MW and is operating 3,000 MW. By 2030, ENERPARC's goal is to develop a total of 10 GW of PV plants worldwide for its own portfolio and another 10 GW for third-party solar portfolios.

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