Our leadership team

Proficient, focussed, foresighted: Together with our experienced leadership team we realise various large-scale projects.

Matthias Steege

Head of PM & Engineering

Armin Scherl

Head of Innovation

André Sandvoss

Head of Global Purchasing

Martin Sierig

Head of O&M
Marco Langone | Head of Finance at Enerparc AG

Marco Langone

Head of Finance

Norbert Verlande

Head of Accounting

Daniela Wenzel

Head of HR

Carl-Daniel Bode

Head of Legal Affairs

Michael Hoffmann

Head of Tax

Michael Völker

Head of International Tax and Asset Management

Daniel Kraus

Head of Accounting Affiliates

Arne Radl

Head of Project Development

Hendrik Schramm

Head of Project Development

Bernd Kensbock

Head of Digitalization

Nils Westermann

Head of IT

Arved von Harpe

Managing Director of Sunnic

Anke Dissel

Head of Marketing & Communications

Ertug Babatas

Managing Director of Enerparc Int.

Alexander Sauer

Managing Director of Enerparc Int.

Florian Gösch

Managing Director of pvwerk

Thomas Ernst

Managing Director of Enerparc Services

Florian Edler

Managing Director of Enerparc Spain

Benjamin Hannig

Managing Director of Enerparc Australia

Kalyanram Udathu

CEO Enerparc India

Anoop Gannerkote

COO Enerparc India