Working at Sunnic means broadening your horizons. There is always room in our small team for new, exciting tasks – also beyond the actual work area.
Daniela Kohlsche | Sales Manager at Sunnic, a fully owned subsidiary of Enerparc AG

Sales Manager in the Energy Trade department

The driving force behind the sales. Our sales managers keep an eye on everything: from customer acquisition to billing.

How can the energy from our systems at Enerparc AG best be marketed? This question often leads us to pay a visit to our sales team. Here outgoing sales experts work on customer acquisition and potential cooperation partners, draft energy contracts, write tenders and stay in close contact with customers – from acquisition to invoicing. They in part work closely with our energy traders and use different analyses to obtain an overview of electricity sales for our systems and external customers. 

Their workday is therefore quite diverse. Phone calls, meetings, customer meetings, attendance of trade shows: Things are always diversified in the small team of our subsidiary Sunnic – and the evolving field of renewable energy offers multifaceted work.

  • Sales of generated electricity
  • New customer acquisition
  • Advising existing customers
  • Tender preparation
  • Contract drafting 
  • Analysis of market and sales trends