It's a bit like playing Tetris. We try to place materials and resources as well as possible and mostly work on deadlines. But just like Tetris, that's loads of fun and always involves action!
Irina Lochbaum | Logistics Manager at Enerparc AG

Logistics Management

Our lateral thinkers. The entire supply chain in view, always looking for a new turnoffs.

Thinking, rethinking, going one step further: Our supply chain managers handle the logistical processes of the projects at Enerparc AG – and are always looking for solutions and potential areas of optimisation. They make sure that the construction site receives just the materials that were ordered, and they are in contact with site managers, suppliers, engineers and of course purchasing. 

It is their task to distribute the individual product quantities to projects and to manage them in the warehouse. To ensure that both of these run smoothly, they have to engage with almost every department at Enerparc and stay in close contact with, e.g., the technical managers. They also communicate with transport companies and coordinate with truck drivers until they reach the unloading point. Visits to construction sites and the close coordination with project developers are also part of the daily work for our logistics team.

  • Organisation and monitoring of the value chain
  • Schedule review
  • Cost minimisation and process optimisation
  • Error analysis and prevention