IT Administrator

Like knights in shining armour. Our IT specialists are always ready with the right solution.

When technology fails, you have to keep a cool head – which is not always easy when you are right in the middle of a workflow, a trade or in a long meeting. All the more important to have our IT Admins and developers in our Enerparc team. Their job is nothing less than to keep the business up and running. They handle the ordering and setup of new hardware as well as technical problems of every kind. 

They are therefore the people who have the most direct contact with all colleagues – and thus are always "on tour". As a 24/7 support service, they not only help out with smaller repairs, but also make sure that the energy trade can run smoothly, updated by the hour. Part of the Enerparc AG IT team is also its own development department. 

  • Ordering and setting up new hardware
  • Support with technical problems
  • Close contact with all colleagues
  • High level of autonomy and patience