In 2008 I started as employee number 7 at Enerparc. Right after finishing university – and in offices where we could still play football. Now I am kind of the "money man" – and quite proud of what we've been able to achieve over the past years.
Marco Langone | Head of Finance at Enerparc AG


Analytical, communicative and emphatic: our master of numbers have things under control.

Who needs money, when, and how much? Our finance department has the overall view. With a smart team they make every effort to ensure that the financial resources of Enerparc AG are optimally distributed and utilised. They not only manage the finances of over 300 solar parks, but they also handle the management of loans. They work in the background to make sure things are structured and organised – and thus are the real hidden champions of our independent company. 

From creation of detailed reports to meetings with different banks: Our controllers have outstanding analytical skills, but at the same time they also know how to approach the highly sensitive topic of finances in an emphatic way. They usually have a classical degree in business administration – and a keen interest in the forward-looking and sustainable industry of renewable energy.

  • Preparation and transmission of numbers to management
  • Preparation of budget plans and sales forecasts
  • Control of operational processes
  • Planning and implementation of strategic measures
  • Optimisation of existing processes
  • Process and weak-point analysis