Energy Trade

Analyst for wind and weather. Our energy traders are experts in the electricity market.

Will it be a sunny day today – and if so, for how long? The first thing our energy traders do in the morning is looking out of the window. That's because, in order to profitably place and trade electricity from the PV solar plants of Enerparc AG on the market, current forecasts must be prepared and appropriate offers must be submitted. This is where the weather comes into play: The sale of renewable energy is subject to fluctuations of various types and is difficult to predict. Our energy traders therefore not only have an eye on live weather data, but also have a solid understanding of the national and international market. 

With our subsidiary Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH, we operate an energy trading company whose main areas of operation are in trade, speculative work and the optimisation of tools and analytic processes. Our energy traders are mainly made up of career changers with degrees in numbers-oriented subjects, such as business administration, economics or industrial engineering, commercial experience – and a keen interest in renewable energy.

  • Trading with renewable energy
  • Up-to-date forecast and offer preparation
  • Development of new analytic methods
  • Power of decision and willingness to take risks
  • High level of responsibility
  • Dynamic, diverse field of activity